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I work on anti-censorship projects. I like experimental music and surrealism. "Energy and persistence conquer all things." --Ben Franklin

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I Hate This Game is an incessant clicking game from Keybol. Spend several minutes making up door scenarios, know flash at a beginning level, and in just a couple of hours you too can make this game.

I've never been a fan of games that try to make a "statement" in lieu of being good. Honestly I'd rather play a game that was "meh" but had effort put into it than a game that is shitty and had NO effort put into it. It's been out for a week and already has a turd-encrusted sequel.

For the record, I tend to blam this sort of game due to the completely shit quality. But for those of you who want to beat it there is a walkthrough below (courtesy of the readers at Jay Is Games). The game goes to level 23 and is broken in Chrome, Safari, FireFox (open for debate) and possibly other browsers. So if you still use Internet Explorer, you're in luck.

In most cases this will open the door and you then have to click on the white area to progress.
1. Drag door to the left, release button on the white rectangle.
2. Repeatedly click on the lock until it breaks.
3. Click on the thin white strip.
4. Ring bell slowly 5 times (let sound finish before next click).
5. Click the invisible panel inside the right edge just above the line for the floor.
6. Click on barely visible panel in the same position as 5. Drag key to door.
7. Click to open the door. Wait for exit to go white or you will be sent back to level 1.
8. Click on the password and delete it using the keyboard.
9. Click the Start button to begin the game of Simon and make a mistake.
10. Click the NO button.
11. Click just below handle, might take a few tries to find the spot.
12. Press tab then space on the keyboard.
13. Drag the wall to the left of the door to the left, might have to release while dragging and click a bit to stop it moving back.
14. Drag the handle to the left to expose a white hole, again click a bit to stop it moving back.
15. Move mouse inside game area until remote and batteries drop onto floor. Drag batteries to remote, drag remote to door (use normal escape game conventions to manipulate objects).
16. Right click then left click on exit.
17. Repeatedly click monkey? until he drops a key. Drag key to door.
18. Enter "your name" into answerbox and click the door.
19. Click to enter code 5693 (turn you head on the side to see code).
20. Click under body of robot? to pick up card. Drag card to card reader.

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