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I Hate This Game Guide

2010-02-14 00:23:52 by Nectarine

I Hate This Game is an incessant clicking game from Keybol. Spend several minutes making up door scenarios, know flash at a beginning level, and in just a couple of hours you too can make this game.

I've never been a fan of games that try to make a "statement" in lieu of being good. Honestly I'd rather play a game that was "meh" but had effort put into it than a game that is shitty and had NO effort put into it. It's been out for a week and already has a turd-encrusted sequel.

For the record, I tend to blam this sort of game due to the completely shit quality. But for those of you who want to beat it there is a walkthrough below (courtesy of the readers at Jay Is Games). The game goes to level 23 and is broken in Chrome, Safari, FireFox (open for debate) and possibly other browsers. So if you still use Internet Explorer, you're in luck.

In most cases this will open the door and you then have to click on the white area to progress.
1. Drag door to the left, release button on the white rectangle.
2. Repeatedly click on the lock until it breaks.
3. Click on the thin white strip.
4. Ring bell slowly 5 times (let sound finish before next click).
5. Click the invisible panel inside the right edge just above the line for the floor.
6. Click on barely visible panel in the same position as 5. Drag key to door.
7. Click to open the door. Wait for exit to go white or you will be sent back to level 1.
8. Click on the password and delete it using the keyboard.
9. Click the Start button to begin the game of Simon and make a mistake.
10. Click the NO button.
11. Click just below handle, might take a few tries to find the spot.
12. Press tab then space on the keyboard.
13. Drag the wall to the left of the door to the left, might have to release while dragging and click a bit to stop it moving back.
14. Drag the handle to the left to expose a white hole, again click a bit to stop it moving back.
15. Move mouse inside game area until remote and batteries drop onto floor. Drag batteries to remote, drag remote to door (use normal escape game conventions to manipulate objects).
16. Right click then left click on exit.
17. Repeatedly click monkey? until he drops a key. Drag key to door.
18. Enter "your name" into answerbox and click the door.
19. Click to enter code 5693 (turn you head on the side to see code).
20. Click under body of robot? to pick up card. Drag card to card reader.

Fair Warning

2009-08-19 21:50:36 by Nectarine

I'm definitely an ass man.

Fair Warning

Another semester down!

2009-08-13 06:41:49 by Nectarine

I just completed my new research paper, and I have to say that I like it! I am hoping the prof agrees and I get an A+. I made a couple of rookie mistakes last semester with this same prof and still wound up with a 93, which was not bad. This is for 30% of my grade, so a 100 would boost me up a tiny bit.

Bah, I'm being boring tonight! My brain's all used up from the damn paper.

Anywho, I'm of school for 2.5 months after this week. I have to do some minor stuff for an incomplete class, but that's not much. Another research paper, this time on Roman England (aka Bodicea's England).

Looking into getting trained in EMDR during the first summer during grad school (2011). It's really an extremely interesting modality. WAY more interesting than I am making it sound. :P


2009-06-16 12:02:58 by Nectarine

Dealing with my final math assignments --the prof extended the class waaaay beyond all other classes for the semester, even past graduation! And she added more assignments because of it (arg).

Dealing with finals is enough, but dealing with them and having a raunchy cold/flu/etc is just adding insult to injury. At least I know that I will be getting at least a C (stupid unit system), so I don't have to worry about financial aid.

This is my first semester back after a medical LOA, so I'm only allowed to take two classes. I didn't do to shabby. :) Not my best work, sure, but I've done okay. Next semester is Western Civ, Sociology: Gender and probably HTML. The HTML class is a gimme -- I work with HTML on a daily basis and started really "fiddling with it" ten years ago. Time to feel old haha! A "computer course" is recommended/required for my BA, so I figure it's better than a crappy Intro to Word class (blech).

I've got less than a year left before grad school! Woohoo! I got a conditional acceptance to [REDACTED 11 Nov 2012], so I'm happy about that -- there's no better "safety school" than [REDACTED] lol, but it's not my first choice. It's a clinical program, but with a research basis so I probably wouldn't be able to be licensed in most states after graduating (only 150 clinical intern hours, rather than the usual 1200+ req. for licensing).

Time to go finish my homework and convalesce. At least the migraines stopped. =)


New project in Flash

2009-05-25 09:49:25 by Nectarine

I'm working on some tutorials on the Flash environment and may do more. I think it's really needed for those who aren't familiar with Flash CS3 and CS4.

Bunny Invasion Controls

2009-05-05 01:36:24 by Nectarine

This is mostly a reminder for myself as to the Bunny Invasion: Easter controls for Mr. Frost.

Bunny Invasion Controls

Tiananmen Square is has the same setup as Frogger. So if you played the original Frogger, then you already know how it's done. ;-) But, for the uninitiated, here is the complete howto guide:

There are five holes in the razorwire fence on the other side of the street. Your job is to get five guys to freedom but putting one of them into each those fence holes. Avoid the fence, as it will kill you if you come near it. You're also avoiding the tanks, as they will also kill you. The Sidewalk is safe, but don't loiter there. The middle lane of traffic is also safe during wave one. Once you've filled all 5 fence holes, the guys will dance and you'll move onto Wave 2.

Extra tips:
-Don't go "near" the fence, then try to move right/left into the hole. Instead, go right/left to maneuver them so that they are dead-center to the hole and then move forward.
-When in doubt, go back to the sidewalk.
-You can only fill each hole once.

Tianenmen Square - How to beat the first wave

Gyah! Game Sickness

2009-05-01 07:42:12 by Nectarine

Damn, stickBrix gave me a little bit of game sickness. The vast, vast majority of games with epilepsy warnings don't affect me in the slightest, but this one made me nauseous instantly. Ick.

Here is a good guide to game sickness, if you experience it. It's not necessarily serious (as epilepsy would be), but it can be very annoying to say the least. Dizzyness, headaches and nausea are definitely no fun. :-)

Portal Defenders

2009-04-30 19:57:25 by Nectarine

For some reason, I beat Psycho Goldfish once.... and never again!

Historically Speaking

2009-04-07 08:22:58 by Nectarine

Some portal submissions get a lot of "what? huh? I dun get it!" responses -- like Peanut. Yeah, in the link you can see it's "number 317" in the entire flash portal.

Take into account that this was riiiight after the portal became automated. Before that, everything was manual -- a concept which some people now don't even really understand. So once the portal was automated, the manual "poo filter" of Tom and Wade (et al) weren't as ever-present.

So people would get away with putting a few frames of garbage or a 5-second sequence of someone turning. Generic stuff that now probably wouldn't last two minutes in the portal without a blam. But everything was new and all the kinks weren't entirely worked out yet. So a lot of shit would just sit in the portal without getting blammed.

So little things like Peanut have a special place in my heart, because it harkens back to a time when the portal was new and (most) people weren't constantly trying to spam as a bad joke, prank, or for financial gain. No, most spammers would spam shitty movies that they thought were the bomb. :D Which is just funnier. ^_^ I'd rather watch someone's effort that wasn't very good than see someone's poor attempt to induce seizures.

The idiotic "joke" or prank spamming is the biggest reason why I stay away from stuff under judgment in the portal. A solid third is joke submissions, pranks, or the occasional crappy movie.

At some point several years ago, I was able to view the flash portal ranked by current score, and there was a ton of shit that was there with less than 1.0. I mean dozens of pages of it. Most of those were throwbacks to 00-01.

No, wait there it is.

Some people never get above a 1.0, and yet some continue to submit things. GenderlessHooker has the lowest non-blammed flash portal score with a 0.45 as of yesterday. Is it like a contest or something? Biggest turd wins? IMO, anything below a 1.0 should get a retroactive blam :-D